Posing and Shooting in our business has been one of the biggest contributors to our success. The number one reason we hear from potential clients as to the reason why they contacted us is because of our use of light and more importantly, that every couple looks relaxed, not awkward, and genuinely happy. 

In this 4 hour workshop, which can be at your choice of either our in-home office and 14-acre property in Magnolia at Pretty Woods Lane OR our Houston downtown office, we will cover shooting & posing techniques. Topics that will be discussed are below. Film and/or Digital shooters are welcome!


Portrait Portfolio Review
Finding the Light Anytime of Day
Choosing a F-Stop That is Right for You
Natural Posing Techniques
3-2-1: How to get 3 shots out of one pose
Ways to Get Your Clients to Laugh (Naturally)
Posing Based on Client Comfort
How to Guide Your Clients' Outfits Choices


A real couple to practice shooting with and ability to walk away with photos for your portfolio


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