Over the years, I have individually worked with clients to provide the best information to get you the best pictures possible. To help visualize that, I have created this page to show you why certain things like lighting and timelines can play a huge part in your photos.


First off, lets talk lighting. The reason why, I put this first is because it is probably the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of getting not, good, but GREAT pictures. Below are some examples to help visualize what happens under great and not so great lighting.


So if you can't already tell, the picture on the left is about an hour before sunset on a clear, sunny day and the picture on the right is around the same time but on a completely cloudy day. While both photos are pretty, the one on the left (cloud-less day) has the couple enveloped in a sun glow and gives the photo a bright and ethereal look. The photo on the right is still gorgeous, but I prefer to shoot when its not cloudy so that I can provide that soft and romantic feel on the left. So, if I reschedule your session because of a few clouds, thats why! 



Hands down, I will shoot on a cloudy day over shooting under mid-noon full sun. This isn't ever an issue for portraits sessions because I only schedule them 2.5 hours prior to sunset. Where this conversation comes in, is on your wedding day. I cannot stress enough to you how how important it is to schedule your wedding day based on the sunset. The photo on the left was around 2pm, notice the washed out look and sunspots? This is literally unavoidable during that time of day. The photo on the right is about an hour before sunset. 

I know there are so many things to juggle on your wedding day, but since your photos will literally be the only thing you have to visually remember your special day, lets work together to create a perfect timeline so that you can get the best pictures possible! I always suggest for us to take a look at your preliminary timeline before the invitations go out to ensure we have enough time and great light for your photos!



Below is a list of typical photos and how long each takes:

  • Getting Ready - 30 minutes

  • Details (Bridal clothing, ceremony and reception decor) - 1 hour

  • Bridal Party Pictures - 20 minutes

  • Family Formal Photos (depending on size of family) - 15-30 minutes

  • Bride and Groom Formal Portraits - 30 minutes or more (remember these photos will be the ones that you will be giving to family members and framing in your house)


Ceremony Start Time Recommendation (based on ceremony being 30 minutes long):

With First Look

(I highly recommend this option if we are limited on light following ceremony due to time of year)

  • 1 hour before sunset

  • Outdoor photos after ceremony:

    • Family Formal Portraits


Without First Look

  • 2 hours before sunset

  • Outdoor photos after ceremony:

    • Family Formal Portraits

    • Full Bridal Party Photos

    • Bride and Groom Formal Portraits



While "first looks" are somewhat of a new idea and not the traditional way of seeing each other for the first time, they are definitely something I highly suggest on your wedding day, ESPECIALLY if there will be little to no light left after your wedding ceremony. Below are some benefits to consider:

Your wedding day is hectic. You're worried about the decor looking perfect. You'e making sure all of your family is situated and happy and strangely enough, keeping them from stressing out! You are making sure you have the timing down. Not to mention, you are surrounded by at least ten people at all times. Sometimes its easy to forget what the day is all about. Marrying the love of your life.

Doing a first look is a great opportunity to be able to share some alone time together before all of the real craziness starts. It allows or that special moment between you two as your your eyes meet for the first time on your wedding two, to be just that. Between only you. Some of the best photos of the bride and groom tend to happen on a first look. Not to mention that your nerves are settled, after all, the hard part is over!

The other great advantage to a first look is that the pictures with just the bride and groom are done! And if we plan it just right, we can even knock out the bridal party pictures as well! Which means less time taking pictures after the ceremony and also lets you get to celebrating with your friends and family faster. After all, isn't that what the day is all about?


I hope this helped and if you have any questions please feel free to send an email or give me a call!! 




Juliette & Dino