Engagement Session Guide

Welcome! Below are some resources to help make your engagement session the best it can be! If you have any questions on items that are not addressed below, feel free to email us at info@danafernandezphotography.com

Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway

What to Wear

We recommend one casual outfit and one dressy outfit so that you have two completely different looks for your session

The following is a link to a Pinterest board we have curated to show you the different colors and styles that tend to photograph best. {Make sure to read the comments as it explains why we have chosen the images}

If you are wanting to choose from your current wardrobe, we recommend bringing 3-4 outfits so that we can choose which pieces will go together best.

If you are purchasing outfits for the session, feel free to email us your options and we can work together to pick out the best ones! Another option are outfit styling box services. Our favorite places to look for personalized outfits (for both male and female) with a free stylist are below! The best part is that they will send the outfits straight to your door and you just return anything you don’t want. :)

Another option is Rent The Runway. They have everything from dinner date looks to ballgowns! {Female only options}

Makeup and Hair

We HIGHLY recommend getting your hair and makeup done for your session. One, it takes the pressure off of you when wanting to look your best! Two, if you are not doing bridals (or even if you are!) it gives you an opportunity to try out hairstyles or perfect one prior to your wedding day. Lastly, hair and makeup artists know how to apply makeup so that it photographs well, which can sometimes be different than how we do our own makeup. An example is that they will apply more blush than you might for day to day, but it is so that it shows up in images better than a typical application will. :)

If you haven't chosen your hair and makeup artist, you can find our list of preferred companies that we highly recommend as well as other favorite vendors below.

Hey Lovely Makeup

Hey Lovely Makeup

Session at Pretty Woods Lane

Session at Pretty Woods Lane


We typically suggest limiting props to just one of your choice. When choosing a prop to bring to your session, we believe it should be something sentimental or meaningful to you both and your relationship together. In fact, one of our favorite things that couples bring is their dogs! :) The reason why we aren’t huge proponents of props is because if there are too many, it can take away from more fun and genuine moments between you two.

If you really want to bring a prop and can’t quite think of anything that is sentimental, some of our favorites that clients have brought in the past were balloons, florals, blankets or a picnic setup!


We live on 14 acres in Magnolia, Texas and the majority of our clients have been choosing to do their sessions there as it has a diverse outdoor space with different types of trees, ponds, and grasses. It also tends to have a mixture of foliage that most locations in Houston have but all in one place. The other advantage of shooting at our property is that it is completely private during the session as well as having amenities that local parks wouldn't have such as A/C, private changing room, bathroom, cold water, etc :) 

You can view sessions taken at Pretty Woods Lane below:

If you would like to do your session elsewhere, that is not a problem at all! Just shoot us an email letting us know as well as providing some details and/or example photos of the kind of location you are looking for.

Session at Pretty Woods Lane

Session at Pretty Woods Lane


Below is a link to our availability that will show open dates.

If in the case you don’t find a date that works for you in the above calendar, below is our availability for off-days that require a $200 off-day fee.

All locations will take place approximately 2 hours prior to sunset and the exact times are specified on the date that is listed on our availability via the links above.

Since it is our aim to always provide sunny, bright, and "glow-y" images, if there is a chance of rain more than 50% 24 hrs prior to your session start time, we will reschedule for the next available date. If the date you provided is the only availability you have, we will provide indoor studio options in the city (for an hourly fee) or a couple of semi-covered options.

Pretty Woods Lane

If you end up choosing Pretty Woods Lane for your session below is the address as well as important tip so you don’t get lost!


Dana and Josh Fernandez
19873 Pretty Woods Lane Magnolia, TX 77355

Dana | 832.628.2680   Josh | 713.962.7588


Once you turn left onto Tranquility off of Alford Rd, take a right onto Pretty Woods Ln. You will see our big *bright* blue house! If you arrive at a dark red brick house don’t fret! We are the house just to the right. :)