Ok, so you're doing well. You've got a pretty steady stream of business. You're booking mostly the clients that you want at the price that you want, but you're still not quite there. Well friends, this is what we call the last "10%". What do we mean by that? Well its the ideas, practices and business tactics that start to separate a business from the rest. Its the plans that you implement that others won't want to do, can't do, or don't even know to do. I will say though, to honestly evaluate how much time and effort that you truly want to invest in your business, because you will need to do all of these things. At a 100% effort. All the time. 

Half Moon Letting, Two Be Wed, Aztec Events & Tents, Swift Events, Flower Vibes

Half Moon Letting, Two Be Wed, Aztec Events & Tents, Swift Events, Flower Vibes

Our business & marketing mentoring session will take place over 6-hours at your choice of our in-home office in Magnolia, our downtown Houston office, or if you prefer a Skype meeting. We will cover all of the business tactics and plans that will fill in that last 10%.

In-Depth Look at Current State of The Business
Review of Your Current Business and Stated Goals
P&L Review (Revenue vs Costs)
Best Marketing Practices
Advertising/Marketing Dollar Allocation
Molding Your Product to Your Ideal Client
How to Differentiate Yourself in an "Over-Saturated" Market
How to Handle Clients & Vendors To Increase Referrals
Social Media Presence
Generating Word-of-Mouth
Providing Value to Potential Referrers


(2) 1-hour follow-up Skype or phone calls to review implementation statuses and additional guidance.


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