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If you were to ask us, what has led to our success and longevity as professional photographers, our answer has always been (and always will be), that we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, for each and every wedding. Recalling how it felt to be a couple getting married and remembering at the end of the day, what really mattered most.

Throughout our career, we have had the immense honor of photographing clients like you. People who care deeply about the ones that they will be surrounded by on one of the most important days in their journey together. Couples who want a celebration beautifully designed and representative of who they are as well as an event that makes their loved ones feel appreciated and special.

From the onset of our career, it has been at the core of who our are and the service that we provide, to give our clients the best experience and product that we possibly can. We have done this by looking at every single aspect of the wedding day and by working together, as a husband and wife team, we have developed a unique approach that combines fine art styling with raw storytelling to create a timeless product that our clients can share for generations.

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Growing up, I had two main influencers. An artistic creative (Mom) and a problem-solving entrepreneur (Dad). Both played a tremendous part in my life (little did I know at the time), but was set on doing the whole corporate job as a career. Though, on the side, as a hobby, I would always experiment with different forms of art, whether it was painting, drawing, or photography. I loved art because of the challenge, approaching it as a problem to solve. But, it wasn’t until we started looking at photographers for our own wedding, was I just completely and utterly drawn to the raw emotion that is portrait-based photography. Josh gifted me a camera shortly after we got engaged and I worked endlessly to figure out and create work that I was finally proud of. Three years later (almost to the date that I received the camera), I left my corporate job at Hewlett-Packard as a product manager of seven years, to start a career as an artistic, problem-solving entrepreneur alongside Josh. Who would’ve thought?



My strengths in our combined approach is based on fine art and problem-solving. I focus on the timeless and artistic portraits that you will hang on your walls as well as the perfectly styled details that turn your invitations and heirlooms into art. In addition, I work with each of our couples while listening to their needs and wants to create custom timelines that are efficient, stress-free, and ultimately allow you to enjoy your wedding day.

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(Josue is Spanish for Josh)

Similarly to Dana, I grew up with an entrepreneurial influence as well as a passion for service due to my parents running several small-businesses with a focus of helping the community. In addition to those influences, both of my parents were born and raised in Mexico, creating a passion and appreciation for art, travel, and learning about different cultures. All of these things played a big part in my life, with service to my community and artistic culture, being the most important. From enlisting in the Marine Corp when I was 17 to managing large teams dedicated to customer service at AT&T (in my corporate days), my passion to service, community and making a difference, goes far and wide. So, when Dana and I started on a journey to become professional wedding photographers and leave our corporate jobs, it perfectly fit who I was and what my passions were through and through.



While Dana excels at the art and the beauty on a wedding day, my strengths lie in service and photo-journalism. I focus on making our clients and their families feel at ease. With a background in the military combined with a MBA from Rice University, I easily manage crowds while having a few tricks up my sleeve to bring out natural and joyful smiles. In addition, I bring the other aspect of photography to the table by capturing raw human emotion through a photo-journalistic approach.

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Together, as a husband and wife duo, there is no “second” photographer. We both act as primary photographers, complimenting each other and working seamlessly as a team to serve our clients. In addition, we create a unique environment when it comes to posing, joyful imagery, and our own experiences as a bride and groom to not only give you photos that you will cherish, but to enjoy the entire experience from start to finish.

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